Borinya supports Wangaratta in its responsibility to all young people. Our purpose at Borinya is to enact that obligation to those in our care through genuine respect, personalized learning and meaningful pathways with the context of a community.


Our mission at Borinya is to provide an opportunity for young people to participate in a learning community where human dignity is valued and respected.

Borinya provides a child-safe environment where we:

  • Work together in partnership for improved student outcomes;

  • Build personal capacity to access meaningful learning pathways; and,

  • Provide opportunities for young people to achieve, be celebrated and feel proud


As a Catholic educational community, Borinya holds these values:

  • Learning

    every person has a right to an education that meets their needs and a responsibility to allow others to learn

  • Safety

    every person is responsible for their safety and that of others

  • Respect

    We are richer and stronger because of our diversity

    Our actions and words demonstrate respectful relationships with people, property and the environment

  • Community

    We value positive relationships

    All people can make a valuable difference by contributing to community

  • Accountability

    We place a high value on personal responsibility

    We call each other to account for our words and actions

    The Borinya Community is prepared to stand up for what we believe and challenge behaviour which is contrary to our values.

Student Outcomes

We aspire to be a learning community where students develop:

  • Personal skills

  • Community living skills

  • Skills for employment and future pathways

Personal skills

  • Awareness of self and the process of change

  • Self-worth

  • Capacity to listen

  • Pride in experiencing success

  • Resilience

  • Persistence

  • The ability to problem-solve

Community living skills

  • Healthy relationships

  • Ability to live a meaningful life as a responsible citizen

Skills for Employment and Future Pathways

  • Willingness to engage in learning

  • Skills for work, further education or training